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Student Support

Rod Eastwood

Aboriginal Education Officer

Providing assistance to teachers, Aboriginal students and their families to support improved learning outcomes for Aboriginal students. Working with teachers:

• to assist Aboriginal students in all school activities including excursions

• to discuss with Aboriginal parents the educational progress of their children

• to identify and develop resources to support the learning outcomes of Aboriginal students

• to assist in the development and implementation of personalised learning plans for Aboriginal students

• to support Aboriginal cultural awareness for all students with particular reference to Aboriginal students

• to help maintain effective relationships between Aboriginal parents, the Aboriginal community and school staff.

Working as part of a school team to support students;

• in relation to their school participation and programs

• in relation to their attendance and retention Liaising with the Principal and staff:

• on protocols for interacting with the Aboriginal community in relation to staff and Aboriginal students in the school and Aboriginal education activities.


Dean Murray

Community Partnerships Officer


Kirsty Pollard

School Support Officer


Student Support Officers (SSOs) work in schools across NSW to support the development, mental health and wellbeing of all students. Student Support Officers (SSOs) work within the school community alongside the learning and support team and the school counselling service to enhance student wellbeing and learning outcomes. SSOs support the implementation of the school’s whole-of-school approach to wellbeing, helping students develop social and emotional skills through targeted strengths-based programs and strategies, that build resilience, coping skills and positive relationships. They also have a pivotal role in working collaboratively with external and other government agencies in their support of students and their families.

Isabel Coe

Cultural Advisor