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Student Support

Indi Wilcox

School Support Officer


Student Support Officers (SSOs) work in schools across NSW to support the development, mental health and wellbeing of all students. Student Support Officers (SSOs) work within the school community alongside the learning and support team and the school counselling service to enhance student wellbeing and learning outcomes. SSOs support the implementation of the school’s whole-of-school approach to wellbeing, helping students develop social and emotional skills through targeted strengths-based programs and strategies, that build resilience, coping skills and positive relationships. They also have a pivotal role in working collaboratively with external and other government agencies in their support of students and their families.

Dean Murray

Aboriginal Education and Community 

Re-Engagement Officer

The Community Re-engagement Officer is an integral part of the Cowra High School Team. Their purpose is to promote the High School and every student’s important place within it. Their role is to identify all students either disengaged from education or at risk of disengagement from education.

The Community Re-engagement Officer will have the following key responsibilities:

• Assist with the development, implementation and evaluation of a Community Engagement Strategy for the High School in conjunction with the school management team.

• Design and coordinate events for target groups to increase the profile of Cowra High School and deliver key messages (e.g. reduced stigma, anti-discrimination, early help seeking, importance of teaching and learning).

• Assist in maintaining websites and utilising social media to develop opportunities for Cowra High School engagement and promotion.

• Produce documents and promotional material of a professional standard that comply with DoE policy, suitable for external communication to a variety of target audiences.

• Build relationships with external service providers and report on opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships that progress Cowra High School toward its school planning milestones.

• Represent Cowra High School to various agencies and professional networks, the local community and young people.